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Author Guidelines

Guidelines For Manuscript Preparation

Manuscripts should be typed on A4 paper. Manuscripts must be written in the form of a single column as plain text. For the page set up, the margins must be 2,5 cm from top, right, bottom and left. Manuscripts must be written in “Times New Roman” with font size 11; justified and single line spacing. There must be two lines in space between titles. Tables and references must be prepared in font size 9.

Because our journal is on-line, the lenght of the manuscript can change in accordance with the subject. There is no page limit for the manuscript.

  1. Title

The title of the manuscript must be written in font size 14, in upper case and must be centered. It should be concise and informative. The title must not exceed 12 words.

For manuscripts written in Turkish, the Turkish title must be followed by the English title.

The name(s) of the author(s) should be typed in font size 10. The first letter of the name(s) must be given in uppercase and centered below the title.

The titles and work places of author(s), and if any, the names of the university, laboratory or the instiution, where the study was conducted, and the e-mail address(s), should be placed below the name(s) of the author(s).

  1. Abstract

Each manuscript must be preceded by an abstract written in English. In manuscripts written in Turkish, abstract, written both in Turkish and English, should be provided. The abstract must be written in font size 9, justified and limited to 75-200 words.

The abstract must be followed by 3-5 key words. In manuscripts written in Turkish, key words written in English should also be provided. The key words must be written in lowercase.

In manuscripts written in Turkish, an EXTENDED ABSTRACT (750-1000 words) should be placed after REFERENCES. The extended abstract should be typed in font size 11 and “Times New Roman”.  This abstract should not include subtitles (Introduction, etc) and must be written in the form of a single column.

III. Sections and Subsections

Section titles must be written in bold uppercase, and subsection titles must be writtten in bold lowercase.

  1. Figures

Diagrams and graphics must be drawn in such a way that they can be printed on white paper. The size should not exceed 13x18. Each figure must have a number and a subtitle. If any source was used, it must be given in paranthesis below the figure.

Figures must be indented 3 cm from the left margin and should be placed appropriately not to allow any text to the left or right. Pictures that do not fit in to the end of a page should be placed on the following page or given after the REFERENCES section as an APPENDIX.



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