Teenage pregnancy in this day and age has increased amongst schoolgirls. This could be due to peer pressure and exposure to the social media. This study investigates Peer pressure and social media as predictors of teenage pregnancy among secondary school girls in Ibarapa Division of Oyo State. Using descriptive survey design, multistage sampling was done to select 100 schoolgirls with an age range of 13-19 across selected secondary schools. Teenage Pregnancy and Peer Pressure Questionnaire (TEPAPP-Q) and social media and Sex Questionnaire (SMAS-Q) developed and validated were used to collect data. Data collected was analyzed using frequency count and analysis of variance (ANOVA). Findings revealed peer pressure (F-ratio=.5863; p<.05) and social media (F-ratio=.3716; p<.05) to have significant effects on teenage pregnancy among the participants, while peer pressure show greater influence. Conclusively, a climate that is sensitive to sexual identity development and appropriate health information is necessary. Early counselling orientation on the impact of succumbing to pressure and parental guidance to avoid abuse of the social media were recommended.

Keywords: Peer-pressure, social-media, teenage pregnancy, adolescents.


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